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Economic and process improvement benefits for companies
The new legislation also led to the development of technological innovations with relevant impact in the area of cargo securing, providing bases for economic improvements (reduction of product damage during transport/handling) and process for companies (reduction of conflicts between operators in the logistics/distribution chain, by replacing the subjective analysis of the stability/instability of palletized loads, by a quantitative analysis with a concrete value of their stability).
Cargo securing solutions are defined not by trial and error but by standards and concrete values/measurements.



Drastic reduction of product damage during transport
These new solutions ensure that the results do not depend on the truck's driving or the existence of roundabouts on the route.

Training Module (7h): Introduction to Cargo Securing/Containment of Pallets with Consumer Goods(SKUs) in Trucks
Focused on the technical applications of cargo securing/containment in trucks of a particular cargo: Pallets with Consumer Goods (SKUs).
The module lasts 7 hours, being distributed by:
  • 2 hours of theory
  • 5 practical hours where you will make the evaluation (using a checklist) of two real cases of trucks with SKUs from your company.